What We Do


Much of the debate over health care in the last decade has led to a scorched earth on the political landscape. But just as our clients are changing the face of health care through their research and innovation, we are changing the way health care issues are discussed and debated in the political environment. Our approach is to build bridges, not barriers, to policy makers for our clients.

While all our clients have different needs requiring unique strategies, we have one overarching goal on behalf of them. To have each client seen by policy makers as:

Informed – Understanding the issues based on evidence and the external environment based on reality and the factors that drive that environment, be they scientific, political or economic.

Involved – Willing to engage the community of stakeholders in an open and honest exchange of ideas and a good faith search for solutions, even when disagreement cannot be avoided.

Influential – Respected, listened to and turned to as a trusted source by policy makers.

In front – Taking the lead in dealing with stakeholders and not simply “following the herd” with so many others

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