What We Do

What We Do
We provide our clients high-level counsel in the External Affairs arena, in the United States and abroad. We coordinate and integrate all the pieces in that environment, from government relations to public relations to corporate communications, often helping our clients to turn multiple “silos” into cohesive and seamless programs.

We give our clients a sense of current and evolving stakeholder positions, identify pressure points, opportunities and obstacles in their current situation, assess the political climate, especially the potential impact of the 2008 elections and how to prepare for what are the inevitable seismic shifts in health care policy and funding to come.

We serve as advocates for our clients in the Legislative and Executive Branches in the United States, and internationally, to achieve specific policy objectives.

We establish strategic networks and relationships in the US and abroad for our clients, with entities like Congress, the Executive Branch, patient advocacy groups, providers, payers, the public policy community, academia, overseas governments and non-government organizations and multilateral institutions.

We facilitate business development and collaboration opportunities in the US and overseas with particular international emphasis on Asia/Pacific: China, India, Korea, Singapore, and Australia.

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